Welcome to the Koyote Press!

cropped-win_20140120_143759.jpgHello, and welcome to the Koyote Press! The place to come for unabashed opinions about nearly everything! The subjects covered here will include current events, music, movies, and other forms of entertainment; religion, politics, sports, and the stock market…wait a second!???

I’m not going to cover that stuff unless I have something to say about them. If you want movie reviews, go to Rotten Tomatoes. For any other BS about who’s doing who, or what some politician said, or how your team did, you know where to go. If you want to read what I post here, fine. If not, then leave. I’m not going to be held to some preferred topic list, or politically correct ramblings. I’m not going to do “the top ten best brand of dog food” or anything like that (unless I feel like it, of course). If you are sick of reading canned articles on Yahoo! (and even more sick of the stupid commentaries), like I am, you might enjoy what I have to say. Or maybe not. So what. Who cares. Not me.

Here’s what I like, and will probably write about a lot: Dogs (and animals in general), motor sports, including motocross and speedway motorcycle racing, NASCAR, mountain bikes, Hawaii (I lived there for a long time), progressive politics, Humanism, psychology, criminology, psychic phenomenon, or any unexplained mysteries, education, history, philosophy, and dogs (did I mention that already?).

I also might rant about some things I  dislike, such as right-wing nut jobs, and stupid, inconsiderate, self-absorbed hypocrites (that’s kind of all the same things, isn’t it?).

So thank you for visiting the Koyote Press, and be sure to sign the guest book, and pick up your free gift on the way out! Okay, there’s no guestbook, only a hit counter. I can’t afford any free gifts for anyone. But you’re welcome to donate! Have a fantastic day!