Coyote Sighting!


Well, it happened again. I saw a young coyote running across the alfalfa field less than a minute after my dog and I left the area. I always get anxious when I walk Toby down Evans Road, which is mostly dirt, and runs through the field where the coyotes ténd to congregate. I’ve actually developed a characteristic similar to what was known during the Vietnam War as the “thousand-yard stare.” It may sound silly, but coyotes are fast and sneaky. If they are close enough to see, they can be on you in a second. This one was on the small side. Last year, a mother coyote was always around a drainage ditch in that area; maybe this is one of her offspring. California is in the middle of one of the worst droughts in quite a while.The coyotes are normally not out in the middle of the day. But now they have to seach for water, as well as for the dwindling populations of squirrels and rabbits. That is when they start looking at little dogs like the Tobster with increasing interest. If you’re wondering why I continue to to walk in that area, well, there’s just no where else to go.To the west there are low-lying mountains. Last week, a homeless guy was attacked by a mountain lion not far from there.So we will continue to walk down Evans Road, but I will have to start carrying my billy stick and stun pen again. Toby is lucky to have a master that looks out for him 24/7. But does he care? Of course not. That’s okay, though. It’s best for him to be happy-go-lucky and care free always!